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Why We Love Val Thorens

Val Thorens

I am going to give a special mention to a few companies, bars, and restaurants in this blog. I want to be transparent I have no affiliation, discount or have been paid off to mention them, haha, these recommendations are all from our trips and experiences with have had with them.

How to get to Val Thorens

If you have skied or travelled to this area of the Alps before you have no doubt heard of Chambery Airport, now this is most definitely the shortest distance from the airport to the resort BUT we have had more than 1 terrible experience with flying into this airport. Including being taken halfway to the resort and kicked out of the taxi as there was too much snow.
We were all but abandoned on the roadside to make our way to the train station “just down the road” with all our gear. We have had cancelled flights and many hours sitting on the floor ( small airport) waiting for a plane to take us home.
There are also fewer flights to Chambery Airport which can hinder long weekends and flexibility so all in all our experience has not been great (I am sure there are many who have been fine) but our go-to is still Geneva Airport and take the extra transfer on the chin. If they are not flying due to conditions you have no place being on a plane, haha to be honest the difference in time is 45mins – 1 hour.
For the headache and likely upset at the start or end of your trip just fly to Geneva.

Where to stay in Val Thorens

We have skied and stayed in Val Thorens and The 3 Valleys a few times with enough insight to pass on some recommendations.

As the village is pretty much all ski-in / ski-out ( or as close as you can get ) getting from your accommodation to your first lift shouldn’t be an issue no matter where you stay. We stayed at the Farenheight Seven, a side notes great hotel with an amazing location on the mountain for jumping first lifts and for going out in the town for apres. They have a terrace for when you are done for the day which gets the sun until it disappears over the mountain and they will do table service drinks/food. The pizzas are fantastic as were the drinks choice. If you do stay here you will also not be disappointed with the breakfast buffet. 

Which Ski Lifts to get in Val Thorens

Anyway, SKI LIFTS, so it can be a little chaotic in the mornings if you time you leaving your accommodation with the ski school drop-off.
The best lift to get out of the rush… although the busiest, is the Plein Sud, then pull the 3 Valliees Lift and from there, there is a decent run down to get warmed up.

Try and avoid going back to Plein Sud for the first hour of the day.
From the top of the 3 Valliees lift, you have plenty of options… If staying in VT I would pull Lac Blanc, Funtinel Peclet or Cascades ( which is great for when the weather isn’t great). There is not much protection when the weather does come in in VT with it being so high up and open but the Cascades will give you some cover.

This is completly dependent on your group in terms of skill and how much you want to ski vs stop at every place that will do hot chocolate ( Danielle )
BUT for a decent full day skiing I like to get up and out sharpish and either grab a quick or light breakfast and head over to Courchevel. NOW I know a lot of people will be of the mindset of “It’s too far, it’s too hard to ski or they can’t be bothered”
LISTEN, its none of those things. It’s so well connected that as long as one of you plan and you don’t lose track of the time you won’t have an issue. 

This is how I get from VT to Courchevel. Get a MAP and follow this …  

Get the Plein Sud lift then the 3 Vallies lift, from there take the Lac De La Chambre run down which turns into Mures Rougues run. 

You are now in Meribel Mottaret ( Trust me its easier than going into Meribel Centre )

Pull the Pas Du Lac 1 Bubble ( it turns into Pas Du Lac 2 at a halfway station STAY ON and get off at the top ( I am trying to make this idiot-proof)

We are now at the top of the valley and ready to drop into Courchevel, the air now should smell like truffles and champagne. Enjoy the wide-open runs and an early boujee lunch. annnd here are some of our reconditions for Lunch. 

Le Bel Air

Hotel Resturant Le Pilatus

Le Chalet de Pierres

Les Pierres Plates

Le Bouc Blanc


Right let’s get you home from Courchevel to Val Thoren ( the important bit ) 
Things to bear in mind, you have gone down the 3 Vallies, which is quicker than going up
(duh)  THEREFORE… you got it, it will take longer to get home.
A lesson we learnt, twice, the hard way. 

So from either the top of the Vizelle, Saulire Bubble or Suisses you are going to ski back down to Meribel Mottaret ( again do not ski down to Meribel Centre ).

Take the Plattieres Lift followed by Cote Brune Lift from there I like to take Chardons run and you are home, just keep an eye on signs for VT as there are a few runs that will drop you into Les Menuires from the top of the Cote Brune lift.
I have done it before at the end of the day and its SUCKS!
If you do end up in this situation, go to the information desk at bottom of the slope towards the middle of the bank of shops. Ask them to call you a cab it will cost you no more than 50 Euros to get back to VT in about 20 mins. Which is cheaper than trying to find a bed for the night in your sweaty ski gear 

 Mountain Lunches in Val Thorens

I am going to go into more detail about some of these mountain lunch recommendations, all stood out in my mind but I just have more to say about some.

Beef & LobsterOn a sunny day this terrace is belting, they have a decent size menu with roistiserre chicken on the deck and tasty salads if you want something light. Obviously, the burgers are fantastic as well! One thing to note, the restaurant is attached to a nice hotel. If you want to use the bathroom then they request that you remove your ski boots at the door ( they give you some lovely slippers ) and not walk inside with your boots on. It’s all lovely tiled! Which is fine but getting them on after lunch can be a ball ache. 

 Le Fruitere, Folie Douce – I know that Folie is not everyone’s cup of tea but we had to give them a shout as we had a great experience for lunch. My advice would be to go for a big breakfast in the resort and have a late lunch at Folie.. we didn’t do much skiing after a long lunch. The Star of the show was the Truffle Mac & Cheese paired with many bottles of Whispering  Angel. The vibe is great and it is a party towards the end of lunch. It’s not a quick inexpensive quiet lunch it’s pretty much the opposite but as long as you know what you are getting yourself in for there is no doubt in our minds you will have a good time.

Chalet Des Deux Lacs

Chalet De La Marine

Chalet Des 2 Ours

Chez Pepe Nicolas


Apres in Val Thorens

Red Fox Bar


Le Monde

Night Clubs in Val Thorens

Summit Club


Returants in Val Thoren

L’Auberge Des Balcons

La Piscine

Johns American
Very Casual, American style of food, think burgers, ribs wings 


II Gusto


I and my brother loved it here, great for apres. We did Apres her one night and dinner/drinks another. We had mainly Sushi and some teppanyaki here. The vibes were spot on and the music was decent!

Steakhouse Club 72
Very STK vibe in here, gets busy and has lots going on. The food was spot on, not just steak on the menu but if you are going, do yourself a favour and get the steak. You can have fondue anywhere on the mountain. 

Please email me with any questions or further recommendations 


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