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Why We Love Zermatt

I am going to give a special mention to a few companies, bars, and restaurants in this blog. I want to be transparent I have no affiliation, discount or have been paid off to mention them, haha, these recommendations are all from our trips and experiences with have had with them

Getting to Zermatt

In terms of airports that are easiest to transfer from I would fly to Geneva Or Zurich. From here you can either Car/Minibus Transfer, Train ( our preference ) or

Helicopter ( if it’s been a good business year ). We are going to Zermatt of course so if you can why not start as you mean to go on?

I will lead with why the train is better than the car transfer.

The car on average is going to take you 4 hours from either airport also remember can drive into Zermatt as it is car-free so you would need to drive as close as you can which then swap either into an electric taxi or local bus. Neither of which I wanted to faff around doing but that’s just me. On and off with all your ski stuff. I’ll pass thank you. Hard enough lugging a backpack, 2 sets of skis and a suitcase around.

So we arrive by train from either airport.

We tend to fly into Geneva and the train station is based inside the arrivals terminal. My advice is, to go to the escalator at the top of the station. Dump your bags with a member of your group and a few of you go to the supermarket ( just a little further down from the station, still in the airport) grab some ready-made sandwiches, fruit or snacks and if you feel like it there is a great off license on the right which have cold crates of beer or whatever you fancy for the journey. They don’t swerve good or drink on the train so it’s a strong recommendation.

So the train is going to take the same time to get to the resort. You will have to change trains once ( no way around this ) at Visp BUT the seats are comfortable the toilets are clean and you can stretch your legs.

The picturesque train ride you are imagining is once you swap trains from Visp to Zermatt. Sit on the train forward facing 👍🏼with your iPhone at the ready.

From Zermatt station, 99% of the hotels will happily come and pick you up in their electric vans. Just call them before you travel and once you are close / arrive. They will take your luggage to the hotel for you and you can either jump in with them or stroll the village to your hotel. THAT’S how you start your trip to Zermatt.

Staying in Zermatt & how to get up the mountain.

There is now a vast selection of accommodation in Zermatt. From as I am sure you can imagine the pinochle of luxury to a functional clean room and a shower. It all depends on what you have come for, group and budget.

For a Half -Board option I would look at Le Mirabeau Hotel & Spa

For those wanting a few notches up in luxury, I would go for 22 Summits Boutique Hotel. There is no Half-Board option here but there is so much choice in the village that you will be spoilt for choice!


Let’s all agree that the majority of us are here to ski and shred. It took me a while to get the village layout down and which side would be best to stay on in terms of how quickly I can get from my hotel to carving some freshies.

Ski Lifts in Zermatt

There are two ends to the village. At one end the closest lift is the Sunnegga funicular that takes you from village level to an area with plenty of ski lifts to go at or ski right away. I will say that the train can be a bum flight. It is a small trek ( that you have to carry your gear though) even if you are staying close by, there is an underground tunnel you will need to walk before getting to the funicular train. You will likely be a sweaty mess by the time you get on only to be met by another tunnel you have to walk through to get to the slopes.

The other option and our preference if staying on that side of the village is to get the gornergrat train (your ski pass includes a train ticket so don’t pay for one )

This beautiful train ride is a great way to start the day or have your breakfast before you start shredding. Two options speed up the mountain. One train stops at multiple stops on the way up to the top which is great for meeting your group depending on where they are or non-skiers meeting for lunch at restaurants on the train line, this train takes about 40/45 mins to the top or there are direct trains from the bottom to the top which takes about 30/35 mins. I think the express run once an hour but the trains, in general, run every 20 mins.

If you are staying at the other end of the village you will pull one of two lifts. The set-up and layout are very much like what you would see at anything other ski resort with two bubbles going from the bottom.

We opt for the Furi lift. It does stop at midway points a few times. Stay on and ride it to the top as there is plenty to go from there for all abilities I favour this side of the mountain. It’s wide, quiet and has plenty of off-piste to jump onto if you fancy it.

I will touch on how to get to Cervinia from Zermatt as I couldn’t find clear instructions on how to get there the first time I went so I will, of course, pass on the best way of getting there.

Getting to Cervinia

From Zermatt village take the Furi lift to the top ( do not get off at any stops other than the top ) or if it’s running take the cable car, Trockerener Steg, to the top.

Then take either the glacier ride lift or Trokener Steg – (Matterhorn Glacier Paradise) then ski the run Plateau Rosa, you are now in Cervina…can you smell the espresso and pasta!

I will briefly talk about the more important getting home. My preference in getting back is to get the following lifts from Cervinia

Plan Maison > Fornet > Bontadini

From here you can ski back to Zermatt. You can either download it after a short ski from the top or ski back to the village which should take you about 25 mins, ability depending.

Keep an eye on the lift times and the weather, do not get caught short. I would have have an earlier lunch and head back to be safe. Lists of our reccomendatison for Cervina can be found on this *blog*. 

The Swiss being the Swiss will not even let you over to Italy or vice cersa if there are strong winds or poor weather. Plan a day ahead and check the weather/Ski Lifts before you set off.  

Food & Drink


Order the Slow Cooked Boar Ragu

Adler Hitta
Order the Rotisserie Chicken

Chez Vrony Order the Pizza


Al Bosco


Chalet Alm



Drinks on the mountain

Blue Lounge

Ice Bar

Champagne Bar
Stop here, whatever time in the day. It’s cash only, the best glass of champagne you will ever have!



Hennu Stall
Think Folie Douce, in Switzerland. Definitely one to finish on, and it’s located on the run to the back to the village. 

Apres Bars in Zermatt Village

Snowboat – Order the Sushi

Harrys Bar


Dinner in Zermatt Village


Brown Cow

Le Gitan Grill

Stefanie’s Crêperie

After Seven

Please email me with any questions or further recommendations

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