Like most good stories, this one started out after a few glasses of wine after a day on the slopes.

The idea was simple, a brand that could bottle that feeling.

The feeling you get after an epic day on the mountain, on the beach where the waves hit just right.

One of those days where you could hike for miles without getting tired, where the laughs are quick and the talk of grabbing that first beer are met with serious enthusiasm.

The “how lucky am I” feeling, the “why don’t we do this more often feeling.

And most importantly, we wanted to create items that reminded you of that feeling, that you could be transported, even on a bad day,

back to that feeling.

“Waxx. Constantly chasing that feeling.”


Every item we create goes through the same process; does it work for when I’m active & does it work for when I’m done being active.

We’re saying a big fat no thanks to 100% lycra based t-shirt, and hello to recycled cotton-lycra blend, breathable & keeps its shape wash after wash.