Morzine, Resorts

Why We Love Morzine

Any trip to the mountains is fraught with the vagaries of transport and weather so choosing an airport such as Geneva as your port of entry reduces the risk (anyone been to Chambray 😖), then you have a 90 min transfer to the resort which is very doable.

So, on to the resort, it’s basically split into two. One side is Pleney which is great for beginners and intermediates with a few challenging runs. The other, Avoriaz; massive skiing area leading to Switzerland with runs that have anything and everything for all abilities, including the infamous Swiss Wall if you are feeling very brave/foolish.

Just a side note, getting from one side of the resort to the other couldn’t be easier. There is a free motorised train that goes between each lift every 5-10 mins.
The ride takes about 5-10mins (obviously).

Its picks up just by the Super Morzine and drops off outside the Pleney… it works both ways just to be clear.

There is also a train if you go to Les Gets that takes you to Mont Chery (which is a little hidden secret for powder days that is always quiet). If you do go make sure you stop at La Grande Ourse, for an amazing view. It’s nice for lunch, dinner or just a drink stop.

Again, a quick mention to La Passage Restaurant which is at the top of the Super Morzine lift for Lunch and drinks at the end of the day. One of our favourites, if someone in your group isn’t skiing they can walk to the restaurant from the lift which is great.

And if you find yourself at the top of Pleney Lift, walk down to the Belvedere Chair lift and grab that, again you can walk or ski to these lifts and at the top of Belvedere there is a restaurant called Le Vaffieu, another must in our books!

Morzine is the full package, from great ski to great food and a large ex-pat community, which basically means the French not only like us but embrace us, you are made very welcome everywhere from the local Spar, that has roasting chicken on the spit outside, to the apres-ski bars.
I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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