Yuki Bobble

The Yuki Bobble.

Yuki means both snow and happiness in Japanese, and for a country with the best champagne powder on the planet, we aren’t surprised.
Not only do they keep your head warm, but we’ve also made sure they won’t stretch or shrink with our cotton mix blend & triple knit.


Yuki Bobble Hat - Black 1

When creating my Bobbles, I set out with the mindset of; this beanie needs to last, feel good, look good and most importantly do its job of keeping your head and ears warm.

I cannot tell you have many bobbles I have bought in the past and yeah (does yes sound better?) they look great at first but after a few wears or a wash, they are looking shabby and do not hold the shape.

Go and grab any bobble you have, have a look at the label and I bet you it says 100% polyester or acrylic (it’s the same material ). Now I am not knocking the material, it has a place and there are some good qualities of the material for sure, but the reason 99% of companies use a full 100% blend of this material is because.. you guessed it It’s cheap. 

So when researching which would be the best blends of material, and after trying an obscene amount of bobble hats we finally settled on 

45% Cotton and 55% Soft Acrylic.

We ran all sorts of tests on the Bobbles, from warmth, wear, shape, wash and even smell. The blend we settled on gave the heavyweight feel and quality we wanted and stood out by a mile in tests. 

Yuki Bobble - Pebble 2

Product Overview 


  • Super soft bobble hat, heavyweight for those sudden snow showers & to hide helmet hair.
  • Breathable cotton mix.
  • Triple stitched design hugs your head & maintains the shape.
  • Colour: Black
  • Double-stitched emblem patch design.

Material Makeup:

  • 45% Cotton
  • 55% Soft Acrylic


    Combining the soft breathable properties of cotton with the stretchy, shrink resistant properties of acrylic. Look after your beanie & your beanie will look after you.

    I promise these Bobbles will surprise you with how much they stand out against others available and that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the quality you deserve 



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