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Morzine Mountain Restaurants

I am going to give a special mention to a few companies, bars, and restaurants in this blog. I want to be transparent I have no affiliation, discount or have been paid off to mention them, haha, these recommendations are all from our trips and experiences with have had with them.

My favorite part of the day… Lunch.
Lunch on the mountain offers a few options, you can have a quick light lunch and get back to the slopes as quick as possible or (as we do) spend at least two hours sitting, eating, and drinking. Our preference is to have a slightly later lunch in the day you avoid the queues at lunch and you also get a couple of hours of the slopes being fairly quiet whilst everyone else piles in. My advice of booking a table is even more important for lunch to avoid disappointment. You don’t need to book weeks or even days in advance, but I would strongly advise booking at least a day before you plan on eating in a particular restaurant. We tend to book depending on which side of the mountain with skiing on and also what the weather is like. 

I am not going to go into exactly where each restaurant, it’s not the easiest for some of them to explain where they are, a quick google will give you a good idea and I have attached the social media links to give you a bit more information and contact details.


In our top 3, L’Passage is at the top of Super Morzine, order the Burger, you will not be disappointed! and the Nutella crepe. Great place for a late boozy lunch. It is a tennis ball throw away from the lift so if one of your team isn’t skiing then can get the lift up and walk to the restaurant. There is a great sun terrace if it’s sunny and a fire inside if it’s cold. All the staff are brilliant and the after-lunch drinks are great!

Le Vaffieu

Top of Belvedere Lift, another one that can be reached by a non-skier if needed. Get Pleny lift up and then the Belvedere lift and it’s right in front of you. We tend to stick to the Savoyard specials here. The fondue is great, house wine goes down very easily. Also a great apres bar on the way home. 


Mamos is in our top 3, order the burger ( there is a theme here ). They have about 10 different burgers all as good as each other. All names ‘Jackson’ also the goat’s cheese salad is good too if you would like something fresh. Family owned and ran we are always welcomed like old friends. It’s cozy inside and they have a lovely terrace out front if the weather permits. You can always just keep your Yuki Beanie on to keep you warm. If you have a late lunch here ski down to the bottom of the Ardent lift and head to Happy Hours to carry on boozing (great end to the day).

La Paika

Also in our top 3, La Paika. This is more on the Les Gets side of the mountain, it specially is the bbq grill it has outside. Cooking fresh meats and seafood. We have never actually eaten inside here but they have a big indoor and outdoor area for sit down. It’s a little tricky getting back to Morzine from here you have to ski down from the restaurant to a button lift then get that up and ski-out the bowl. Just bear this in mind if you are not a button lift person and before you order that one for the road drink. Ribs and steaks for us here and the La Paika own red wine is great. 

Chez Nannon

One of our go-to places for a snack, coffee or to warm up. The restaurant is very well-reviewed but we haven’t actually sat down and had lunch here before. It’s normally a quick dart in for a snack and a warm drink. But definitely somewhere we would recommend.

Le Wetzet ( Coffee & Snack )

Another one of our go-to places for a snack, coffee or to warm up. The Irish Coffees are great as are the Croque monsieur.

Les Marmottes

Marmottes is actually in Champéry on the Swiss side of the PDS. It’s definitely worth the trip over or if you’re on that side of the port a place you should stop for lunch. The view is fantastic and they have an amazing terrace that you can sit outside and either have a drink or lunch. When we have eaten here we have had the French specials which never let us down and if you get the fondue and ask nicely they will bring you some chicken nuggets to dip in the fondue. ( don’t ask how we ended up with this combination). Please make sure you tag us here if you go there are some great view from the terrace and photos ops.
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