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I am going to give a special mention to a few companies, bars and restaurants in this blog. I want to be transparent I have no affiliation, discount or have been paid off to mention them, haha, these recommendations are all from our trips and experiences with have had with them.

We usually get the 10 am flight from Liverpool which will get you into Morzine, sorted with your gear and time to meet your chalet hosts for 4 pm which is ideal timing as that is when one of our favourite bars opens…

Bec Jaune

This place is fantastic. It’s actually a brewery and they often have 3-4 freshly home-brewed beers on tap. Non-beer drinks fear not, there are cocktails available as well as the fizzy stuff if you want to start your holiday off in style. What we love about this place is that they do small plates to go with your drinks (as well as main dishes) which gives you just enough to tide you over until your meal tonight and enough to soak up the beer after getting the enviable giddyitis and plowing though 4-5 jugs of beer before you go back to the chalet (guilty, pretty much every time we go)

I am not a vegan kind of guy but I was pleasantly surprised with how tasty some of the dishes are that didn’t contain meat. Our recommendation has to be the beer-battered pickles, nachos, and the burger.

Make sure you book ahead it does get busy with the apres crowd.
It’s only a 5 min walk from the centre of town.

Le Coup de Coeur

This place is a favourite for when we go on ski trips with the family when there is a larger range of ages in the group. It’s a ‘nice’ bar as my dad likes to put it. What he means is the staff are wearing a uniform and there is only one tv to be seen. It’s not the biggest of bars and I don’t think they do reservations so you have to be lucky to grab a table. There is an outdoor area in the front with heaters and blankets which is great and an outdoor area in the back, but it does get pretty cold in the back to be honest. If you manage to get a table inside, sit down and start ordering your drinks. They do a bit everything drinks wise and have a vast selection of wines. During apres they will being out small plates to keep you drinking. Once you get them past the point of your first few drinks and shots of Genepi you will be tempted to get some chalk and start drawing on the ceiling (it is allowed ) just don’t be a clown and stand on the table (guilty) it will topple over.  

Haka Bar

We found this place by accident, we were staying in a chalet/apartment opposite the bar and stumbled in for a drink after a days skiing. It is a sports bar and there is always some on, its a great place to go if there happens to be a big game on.  I will say, It’s not the biggest of bars so you will be getting cosy in there but they do have a great outdoor area and the drinks choice is pretty spot on. Its bang in town, so its easy to head there for a drink after a days ski. also the place next door O Chalet  does insane loaded chips and burger for when you have overdone it on the Genepi.

Tremplin Hotel

In my opinion, I would consider Tremplin the best apres bar in Morzine town especially when the weather is nice. They have a DJ or a band most days, the guys behind the bar are quick at getting you served and it is always busy. They do do reservation which I would advise as it gets packed out quick being at the bottom of the last ride home on the Pleny side of Morzine. You can ski down to it (do not try to show off after the multiple bottles of wine you had at lunch and then try to hockey stop in front of the bar)… You will fall over/take someone out/make a show of yourself.
Actually, do it, its funny for everyone sat at the bar watching you all come down. Plenty of choices for drinks here, wrap up unless it’s sunny though it does get cold. A Yuki Beanie will help you keep your noggin warm. (small plug)

Happy Hours Bar

I have to give these guys a mention, now they are not located in town. They are at the bottom of the Ardent Lift, which is ideal as you can ski virtually into the bar… again one too many at lunch and you don’t see the step into the bar area, think you can ski to straight to the bar and instead you plant it in front of everyone. Anyway, this place goes off! It’s definitely not for those looking for a quiet drink after a day on the slopes but If you want to get a bit loose after a days ski this is our go-to. Make sure you get a picture and tag us there if you go wearing your Waxx Yuki Bobble  There is a bus that takes you back into town or if you are lucky enough to have driver service with your accommodation it’s very easy for them to pick you up from outside the bar. 

Now I have got you nice and loose after your days ski let’s get you fed

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